A warmth felicitation From Team Marcus Media Organisation (TMMO) to Rt Hon. Marcus Onobun, Speaker EDHA.

It was a beautiful atmosphere as Team Marcus Media Organisation felicitated with Rt. Hon Marcus Onobun on the occasion of his birthday anniversary.

The pathfinder and Chief of the Team, Comrade Aigbogun Collins introduced the team and defined the purpose of the organisation along side her achievements thus far.

Comrade Ikponmwosa Eghosa a content creator of the team also added that it was a beautiful opportunity meeting with our indefatigable principal Mr Speaker in person; and that as a team we are inspired by his numerous achievements in the hallow chamber of EDHA and the quick passage of bills that will benefit the state in general while assuring him the continuous support of this team in working assiduously to keep the dream of making Edo state better.

There after the pathfinder presented a card gift on behalf of Team Marcus Media Organisation (TMMO) to Mr speaker and read out the content.

In his response, Mr Speaker appreciated the team for their immense contributions right from the campaign time till date,noting that more engagements and commitment will definitely come in no distant time.

“It is fortunate that my name is the brand we chose to form the team and that we are the first to come up with a group of this nature for him and he urge us to put in our best and that the future holds a lot for us because in every brand there is always people behind the scene,”

“I will like to say thank you, for me and by extension to us it is a work in progress,”

He added, sometimes he makes jokes that it is an electioneering campaign because we have a destination, not until we get there we keep pushing until we break new ground and breaking new ground required your efforts.

He later buttressed his point with a beautiful story that it is likened to a team that went into the forest to bring down an elephant and once it is down, no matter how greedy you are, one won’t be able to get everything and there is an extent he will get.

There will be more to still give to people who are not even in the team, and in the process of that journey you will find an antelope if one is not careful in dealing with the antelope one may be distracted from the actual goal. So, as much as we are seen to be doing the work for someone let’s also know we are marketing ourselves and that recognition can only come depending on how you market your team.

He noted , not until people start struggling for your position knowing that you are not worth enough, because a time is coming where people will want to occupy your position not because they can but because they now understand that you have built the team to an enviable height.

Mr Speaker encouraged the team to ensure the right thing is done every time while admonishing TMMo to bear in mind that we have a vision and in that vision lies our mission, stating concisely we are on the right part to achieving that goal. He encouraged us to double the efforts because tomorrow we all will be the beneficiaries.

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