I, Rt. Hon. Marcus Onobun wishes to felicitate with an icon, a trailblazer, a father, a role model and an egalitarian whose legacies and principles have remained unwavering over the years.

You are a political icon, who has influenced and attracted development to your local government and our senatorial district.You are a father whose tender care and show of love have attracted a lot of people across all nooks and crannies to approach your seat of wisdom for guidance and direction.

The Oduma (Lion) of Esan land, we thank God for preserving you all through the years to this very moment.
I join the bevvy of well wishers to pray for long life in good health and prosperity in all your endeavours.We pray that God preserves your life long enough to adequately nurture us , your mentees to a standard we can proficiently represent you and exude the values in which we have acculturated.

My leader and father, my family and I identify with you, our party identifies with you, the state identifies with you and even the national leadership together with other diaspora proponents identify with you on this day. We wish you a hearty birthday anniversary celebrations and many happy returns.


-Rt. Hon. Marcus I. Onobun

Honourable member, Federal House of Rep., Esan West, Esan Central and Igueben Federal Constituency

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