Easter message from Rt. Hon. Marcus Onobun Ksc.

Edo state House of Assembly Speaker Rt Hon. Marcus Onobun Ksc has celebrated Easter with Christians all over.

In his message, the speaker remarked that the day is one for celebrations as it marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after he was crucified on the cross.

The Speaker opined that the celebrations is solely about Jesus Christ’s sacrifice which is beyond all understanding. He asserted that it is also about the almighty God’s love for all of humanity.

Hon. Onobun further explained that the season is about the renewal of a world gone wrong; but above all this period offers expectations and possibilities after a time of profound pain,loss and sorrow.

Easter is a message of hope and triumph; let us all rejoice because Jesus Christ is not dead but he is risen and alive.

Happy resurrection day. God bless us all.

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