EDHA: 2 years of people oriented Bills and Resolutions .

Exactly two years ago today, the distiguished Legislators of the seventh Assembly choose one among equals to lead in the capacity of the Speaker.

They bestowed that leadership role on Rt Hon Marcus Onobun ksc, a man with an old head on Young shoulders to pilot the affairs of the legislature.

Two years after there has been the passage of two budgets for the State, many people oriented Bills and Resolutions , which is the Hallmark of the Speaker’s leadership.

Rt. Hon Marcus Onobun ksc is passionately interested in the development of the people who elected them in for quality Representation, Socal development and Human capital gains .

The 7th Assembly under the leadership of the Rt Hon Marcus Onobun ksc, has over forty Bills passed out of which over thirty has been assented to.

Notable among these Bills are the passage of the 44 alterations of which Edo Assembly was the third to pass giving Autonomy to the third tier of government, financially, administratively and Judicially.

Others include the Bill repealing the criminal code law 1916 and enact a Law to provide rules on criminal conduct . The passage of the anti open Grazing law which prohits open Grazing of cattle and other livestock, the Bill for the intergraton of people with disability .

Also worthy of mentioning is the Repeal of the Obsolete Rural electrification law of 1972, enactment of a Law to make provision for generation, transmission and distribution of
Electricity to residents.

Another people oriented Bill is the Bill for a law to establish diaspora agency to protect Edos who are abroad or planning to travel.

In his two years of stewardship as Speaker Rt. Hon Marcus Onobun has been bestowed with various leadership awards from different organizations including The National Association of Nigerian Students NANS, Conference of Registered political parties, and National youth council, Edo State chapter.

One major achievement of the present Speaker is the plan to make Edo state House of Assembly to run E- Paliarment, this will help give the legislature and the people a feedback mechanism .
This will help the populace get acquainted with all the Bills and resolutions passed as well as get the needed information to the people.

The Speaker has in the two years of his stewardship as first among equals had the support and Goodwill of other legislators and Staff of the Assembly.

The Edo state Governor Mr Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki has been a worthy support for the success of the 7th Assembly, availing the House his favourable disposition to the achievements of the Speaker in his leadership of the House.

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