Edo State House of Assembly Speaker’s democracy day message

The speaker Edo State House of Assembly Rt Hon Marcus Onobun ksc has celebrated democracy day with all Nigerians

Rt .Hon.Onobun highlighted that the journey so far from June 12th 1993 has not been an easy one for the nation Nigeria; but without challenges, champions won’t emerge.

Mr Speaker acknowledged that although Nigeria is not actually where it should be, a tremendous change has occurred as the Nation is not where it used to be Democratically.

Hon. Onobun remarked ” let us always remember the labours and sacrifices of our heroes past and strive to do better presently for the nation so that we can leave a lasting legacy for the unborn generation”.

Mr Speaker admonished citizens to continually pursue peace at all cost, exhibit tolerance and endeavor to live in unity; stating that a divided house cannot achieve success.

In his words
” Arise O’ compatriots Nigeria’s call obey. Together we can defend our democracy; We are the pride of the nation, let us uphold her honour and glory so help us God.”

As we at the threshold of another general election ,he appealed for calm and called on all to go and get registered to be able to Vote, join a political party to ensure the right candidates are voted into office come next year.

Rt Hon Onobun appealed for tolerance from all Nigerians , for Peaceful coexistence and a greater country.

Happy democracy day, and
God bless Edo state,
God bless the federal Republic of Nigeria.

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