The time has come for us to reaffirm our belief in Esan land and declare our resolve to participate in its redemption and renewal. We must redeem that which powered our drive to independence. The New Dawn is now

Support And Vote me to represent Esan west, Esan Central and Igueben federal Constituency at the houses of representatives

The people need good representation, someone who is interested in the development of the people,a grassroots politician , youths mobilizer, one who has lived with the people and feel their pains and frustrations .


I Have been able to touch so many lives through employment in various ministries and agencies. With a lot of projects completed and some ongoing. These projects some of which i promised during my campaigns include but not limited to:

As part of his electioneering promises to the people of ihumudumu and idumoza quarters in iruekpen community, I have provided and installed 2 brand new transformers to both communities to curb the problem of epileptic power supply. I have also mobilized for the repair of some faulty transformers within Ekpoma metropolis.

  1. In a bid to enhance the rapid response of the men of the iruekpen division of the Nigeria Police force, I have donated a Toyota Sienna vehicle to the division.
    I have also facilitated the recruitment of 169 members of his constituency into the state special constabulary. A state-owned security network outfit.
    2.I have also on several occasions been in closed-door meetings with heads of various security agencies in the state chatting a way to arrest security unrest within the borders of the state.
    3.I provide monthly stipends to security agencies and vigilantes as my humblesupport to boost their activities.
    4.I donated one million naira to Esan Security Trust Fund.

He has also facilitated the provision of borehole water projects in ward 1, ward 2, ward 7 and ward 10 in Esan West LGA and Eldenu – irrua in Esan Central

He has also influenced the admission of several students into various institutions within the state as well as internship programs.

  1. Provision of a generator, ceiling fans and public-address system to elders of Ekpoma for their meetings.
  2. Distribution of palliatives to my constituency during covid 19 lock down.
  3. Distribution of hand sanitizer and face mask to my constituency.

1.Rt. Hon Marcus Onobun moved a motion on the floor of the house calling on the relevant agencies, to urgently tackle the deplorable condition of the Benin – Auchi – Ekpoma Road and Federal Highways in Edo State amongst others.

 This call led to the summon of the management of FERMA and heads of other relevant agencies in the state before the floor of the house. This resulted to the immediate rehabilitation of some failed portion of the Benin – Ekpoma federal highway.

2.Another noteworthy intervention, was the passage of the AAU special intervention Bill which arrogate special power to the visitor to dive into the management of the school for a given period of time to restore normalcy and coordinate the activities of the school for the period stipulated.

You will recall, before the passage of this bill, the school have had to face several crisis which disrupted academic activities of the school for several months. But since the passage of the bill, normalcy have long returned to the school and academic activities in top gear.

As the speaker of the house , we have passed into law progressive bills and resolutions that are geared towards impacting positively in the lives of Edo People and the socio -economic development of the state.
On the achievements recorded in the period under review, it is gratifying to note that the house received a total of Forty- one(41) bills; of these Thirty -two (32) bills have been passed into law and assented to and Nine (9) bills are at various stages of passage. a total of One hundred and eighteen resolutions were adopted. Similarly, during the period under review, a total of thirty-six (36) petitions were duly received from members of the public. Some of them have been resolved and communicated to the relevant authorities for actions while others are being considered by various standing committees of the house for necessary action.


From my youthful Age have had one drive to push for a better Esan land and great Benin and for Nigeria to be better. As a speaker, I can say I have started to make the change I once felt I could make, but much work still needs to be done. I will not give up now. Go through all the bills and laws approved by the 7th Assembly. I believe you will understand my drive and my dream to build a better Esan land and also bringing a significant change to Edo state


As part of my desires to bring about the face lift of the infrastructures in my constituency, I have executed and facilitated several infrastructural projects across the constituency. Most of which are:

Block of 3 classrooms at central primary school iruekpen.

Block of 3 classroom at uwendova primary school (facilitated)

Fencing of Imule primary school at Illeh (facilitated)

Building of Iruekpen divisional police command (in partnership with other stakeholders)

Construction of Otor Road, Idumoza, Iruekpen.

Construction of Isiebbhelua street, Ihumudumu Ekpoma.

Construction of Oseghale street, off Iruekpen market Road.

Rehabilitation of Abhulimen Street

Rehabilitation of Dova road.

Installation of brand-new transformer at ojo street, ihumudumu.

Provision of two transformer to illeh community.

Provision of transformer to emaudo community

Construction of elders community town hall eguare.

Esan west LGA (facilitated)

Block of 3 classroom at Emaudo (facilitated)

Rehabilitation of Oviasigie street.

Rehabilitation of Cele Church Road, Ekpoma.

Rehabilitation Osebor street, Ekpoma.

As Chairman House Committee on infrastructure and physical planning, I facilitated the construction and rehabilitation of ujoelen road.

Construction of open market shop at iruekpen cattle market.

Training of youths and women in entrepreneurship programme.

Fixing of the portion of iruekpen ozalla road.

Fixing of earthy transformer at iruekpen market junction.

Fixing of earthy transformer at iruekpen market junction.

Construction of egoro amende secondary school.


The Man Rt Hon Marcus Onobun is a grassroots politician born, bred and groomed with the grassroots, he knows what the people want. Vote for a youth, vibrant politician who is not going to enrich himself but be a voice for the voiceless man, woman youth and everyone in the constituency


Total Number Of Employment


Total NUmber of Project


Total number of Ongoing project

Our Project On Ground with Photos

Influenced the Construction of Agbi street off Dova road ward 4
Renovation of ukpuhele community town hall ward 4
Concrete electric poles and solar street light at ekoh illeh
Fencing of owendova primary school
For the Iruekpen projects
Fencing of imule primary school illeh ward 10
On going construction and building of egoro namende secondary school. Ward 3
Ukpughele community Town Hall

Review Text

On going construction of osebor street ward 6 Designation

Campagin for New Dawn follow

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we,ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

We choose hope over fear. we see the future not as something out of our control, but as something We can shape for better through concerted and collective effort.

The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things he is the one that get the people to do the greatest things