On behalf of the good people of Okpebholo Federal constituency

Your Majesty,
On behalf of the good people of Okpebholo Federal constituency; indigenes, settlers, friends and well wishers,I heartily congratulate you on ascension to the throne of your ancestral fathers to sustain the sacredness and tradition of her land. Your enthronement is a proof of your worthiness in character and trust amongst our kinsmen to pilot the affairs of the kingdom.

The good people of Opoji kingdom as peculiar to other kingdoms in EsanLand, revere the position of kingship, to help attract the necessary development, mediate and interface on issues within the kingdom and beyond as well as strengthen the influence of the traditional institution to other civic institution of leadership.
We are fortunate to have a monarch who embodies grace, poise, and integrity. We shall together build on the statutory foundation to ensure your successful reign and prosperous advancement.
May your reign be characterized by benevolence, compassion, and justice – qualities that have been exemplified throughout your life. As you embark on this journey, we stand united in our support and loyalty, ready to stand by your side as we navigate a future filled with hope and promise.
I humbly offer my sincerest congratulations and best wishes to you, Your Majesty. May your tenure as our king be filled with joy, harmony, and endless successes.
Long live the king! Zaiki
With utmost respect,
Rt. Hon. Marcus Onobun,
Member, House of Representatives,
Esan west, Esan Central, Igueben
Federal constituency

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