.The speaker of EDHA Rt. Hon. Marcus Onobun has condemned the attack, looting and vandalization of Central Medical Store Warehouse.

The speaker made this assertion during the house inspection visit to ascertain the level of damage caused by the hoodlums who vandalized and looted the warehouse.

Addressing the press after the inspection he said, “ We have come to see things for ourselves as so many stories have been on the air as to what really happened here. For us members of the Edo State House of Assembly, we are shocked with what we are seeing today. The medical consumables for ordinary Edo citizens have been vandalized. With the report from the honorable commissioner for health, the primary health centers in the state will suffer a major set back for about 3-5 months before we can have a major restock of the medical consumables that have been destroyed.

The speaker also seized the opportunity to appeal to the youths that no matter the level of provocation or anger, they shouldn’t resolve in destroying the amenities that the government have built for the people as such actions will only keep us on a stagnant and a retrogressive path.

The speaker also appealed to the looters to return any medical items in their custody to the warehouse as such items are for the general health care of the people. He assured that the house will stand to defend anyone who returns looted properties and ensure no charges is pressed against them.

In his part the honorable commissioner for health, Dr. Patrick Okundia thanked the leadership of the EDHA who have come in solidarity with the executive to see for themselves the level of damage to the central medical stores.

According to him the level of damage is so colossal that it’s taking the health sector in the state many years backward. In his words, it is difficult to quantify the loss in terms of naira and kobo. But however we are working on the directive of the Governor to give a proper inventory and juxtapose that with what the records where before the attack.

In her part the state representative of W.H.O Mrs Faith Ireye assureds that UNICEF and WHO will give the needed support to ensure that the medical consumables and vaccines are restocked.

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