Marcus Onobun has created this mentoring forum to meet the needs of youths who are eager to be active participants in nation building.

This Mentoring Forum offers seminars, workshops and interactive training sessions that are targeted to meet the needs Nigerian youths who want to be more engaged in their communities. In addition to this, the forum will bring leaders and experts from various fields to train youths and share their personal and professional experience.

There will be regularly scheduled forum sessions, trainings and workshops that will only be communicated to registered Marcus Onobun. To be a registered forum member, please click the button below to our registration portal and complete the form by providing all the required information, after which, you will be contacted by email with further details.

Get access to the regularly scheduled forum sessions, training and workshops.



Mentoring Forum will foster your strengths and address areas of youth development. We will prepare you for leadership in both public and private sectors, and to work across all spheres of global society: business, government, civil society and academy.


Our Mentoring Forum is unique and its focus will be on improving management of business skills. More experienced managers and leaders we share their skills and experiences to help you further develop your management and business skills.


Across the country are young men and women with great ideas and potentials that are needed in our society today. MIO Mentoring Forum’s mission is to build the capacities of Nigerian youths, by creating a platform, where they will be mentored in politics and nation building. .


we help to building new skills to rejuvenate interest in your work, making new contacts and forging a bond with people with similar interest, This Mentoring Forum truly presents some valuable opportunities for you.