MOI Foundation

Our Mission

MOI Foundation is to work for the development & empowerment of socio-economically disadvantaged & vulnerable people in Nigeria and assist them in addressing their poverty-linked issues”

Type & Nature of Organization

MOI is a development organization. It’s a non-government, not-for-profit and nonsectarian, non-partisan organization working for social development of vulnerable and less developed people. MOI implementing organization which designs and implements various developmental projects with the financial and technical support of international donor agencies and the government.

Hard Working

Our Vision MOI Foundation envisions a "poverty-free, empowered & democratic society in Nigeria; which is guided by the values of equity, accountability, inclusion and respect”

What We Do

The foundation will make valuable investment and contribute towards education, learning and research facilities including research and e-learning centres. 

Young people are caught up in the stronghold of Entertainment: Basic communication, dress culture, sex education, virtues and values, ideals of success, 

 This category will be covered by campaigns to speak out strongly for or against issues of social, political and ethical relevance. These will include matters of social regulatory practices and laws including traffic rules, road and high way safety codes,

MOI Foundation has a core team with various professional backgrounds such as management, finances and HR etc. In addition, the MOI Foundation hires the project staff as and when required. The Foundation also engages volunteers and interns on need basis.

The Foundation strongly believes in the true and active participation of all key stakeholders – particularly the local communities or program beneficiaries. Fair efforts are taken to ensure that stakeholders participate and contribute at all the stages of the interventions.

MOI Foundation is engaged in promoting gender equality and addressing women empowerment issues since its inception. The Foundation’s first ever project (year 2018) focused the issues of violence against women (VAW