Ransco Network Confers an award of DISTINGUISHED PERSONALITY HONOUR on Rt Hon Marcus Onobun

Ransco Network initiative, a PAN Africa Development driven initiative birthed by a resolution of the all African youths initiative summit which held in 2015 tasking the upcoming generation on contributing vehemently to the development of Africa as a continent, has conferred an award of DISTINGUISHED PERSONALITY HONOUR on Rt Hon Marcus Onobun (Speaker EDHA)

Presenting the award the president of Ransco Network Amb. Roland Nosakhare Avanrenren described the speaker as an enigmatic father of development cum a leader, who is persistently very pragmatic passionate about the crystallization of tangible results in all of his utilitarian engagements.

Rt Hon Marcus Onobun is a man indeed bestowed with Solomonic wisdom and the staff of Moses. We are finally persuaded that Nigeria and the world needs a man who is credible, dependable and acceptable as a symbol of National unity. You are a man that portray a requisite of intellectual capacity and moral perpendicularity. We are now strongly believe that the benevolent Grace of God has telescope these virtues into your person in other to prepare you for transforming the world.

In his acceptance speech the speaker thanked Ransco Network for the honour giving him. Says it’s a call to double efforts in reaching out to our temporaries.

With what happened during the last end SARS protest, it became very audible ands visible to all individuals in Nigeria that we are sitting on the peg of a gun powder ready to explode soon and if the right steps are not taking, Nigeria will become history. But for some of us we have Choosen that it will not happen in our time.

He also admonished the youths to focus their will power towards the development of the nation and national unity as well as trust in the capacity of youths to lead. He also advised the youths to delay instant gratification for long term gain.

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