GOODBYE TO DARKNESS AND LOW VOLTAGE- as Hon Marcus Onobun fulfilled his electoral promises.

The people of Ihumudumu and Iruekpen can finally say goodbye to an epileptic power supply as the ever working digital honourable Marcus Onobun made good his electoral promise.

For some years now the said communities have had to endure epileptic power supply. But that will be a thing of the past now.In his reaction to this development, the honourable member representing Esan West constituency said “ I don’t have to wait till I have spent years in office before I make good my promise.

What is due to the people must be given to the people. I am where I am today because the believed they could count on me to deliver the dividends of democracy to them and that’s what I have done. It is not a big deal “ he said.
Furthermore, he also said that other promises he made that are yet to be attended to, will get the needed attention in due course.
In his concluding remarks, he said “ all I can still say to members of my constituency is thank you for the mandate to serve you. — with Amb Marcus Onobun.

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